[Verse 1] 2 AM, I’m fading in the dark Like floating in the ocean People need the poison 3 AM, you just touched my hand And made me lose my […]

Lyrics Charli XCX – 3 am Yeah, I know, yeah, I know, yeah, I know I’ll always remember you And I know, and I know, and I know I’ll always […]

Twenty something candles On this birthday cake Big city wishes Still keeping the faith B-day post got my Facebook so lit Pop that tag Hope my outfit don’t rip Caribbean […]

Baby, baby Baby you, baby Baby you know you got me goin’ crazy You run around my head like these waves Yeah baby you, you know that you the one […]

[Verse 1] Wait a sec, wait a minute Don’t compare me to them other niggas Never fear, Smith & Wesson I’m about to go to war, gon’ pleasure bitches Where […]

[Verse 1] Gave you all the secrets now you creepin’ in the window 3 AM, I’m boozin’ on my body while the wind blow Singing to the people, I sit […]

[Hook] Backstage, couple drinks, I’m loose All I see is bums and boobs I’m turnt, step on the stage Buster cannon, man gon’ blow up the room Buster cannon, blow […]