(feat. Lil Yachty) [Intro] Yeah, yeah 2-17 on the track, man Lil Pump Yeah, yeah, ooh Huh, yeah, huh, ayy Yeah, yeah, yeah [Chorus: Lil Pump] All I do is […]

Pt. I [Intro: Chad Hugo] Yeah On my young niggas, on my done nigga Yeah Woo! Yeah On my young one, on my done one One time! Woo! [Chorus: M.I.A.] […]

[Hook] We come to your block and we air it out Yellin’ free all my niggas, just let ’em out 30 clip hit a nigga for standing out We finessin’ […]

[Intro] SOSA BABY.. [Hook] Runnin’ up that sack Smokin’ on this dope; also known as pack And we got them gats, we won’t cut no slack In these Fendi slacks, […]

[Intro] Yeah, rock solid nigga Solid as a motherfuckin’ rock, bitch Yeah, nigga [Verse] When you fall, who you gon’ land on? Niggas foundation is shaky, ain’t shit to stand […]

[Intro] Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Woah, yeah, woah, woah, yeah Woah, woah, woah, woah Woah, yeah, woah, yeah Woah, yeah, woah, […]

[Intro] I told her Mike know what I’m sayin’ Came from nothing, tired of doing interviews Cause they don’t be asking me the real shit How a nigga really feel […]

Intro 2016Wall StreetCommon… Hear me nuhHear me nuhIdecashDj FrassYo Rappa!Well, well, well ChorusBwoy step out inna di war and flop himselfA try shoot ’round corner and end up shot himselfRicochet […]

[Intro] Stuntman, woah, woah [Hook: Antt Beatz] Nigga I just bought a chopstick, no Benihanas And I got that AR, so where the drummer Got an old ass Tommy gun […]