Povtorno, gradot e vo son Magliv chad privid sozdava I pak (pak pak), pak kje se vrati Pak (pak pak), senkata negova Pak (pak pak), pak kje te ubie Glasno! […]

[Intro] Time changed, check out your mind frame Got no times for mind games (grow up, nigga) Grow up, nigga [Verse 1] He 37, think he 22 His mother work, […]

[Intro:] [Tim:] Hey, Matt [Matt:] Yeah, Tim? [Tim:] Hey, you talked to Marc lately? [Matt:] Uh, haven’t really talked to him but he looks pretty, uh, down [Tim:] “He looks […]

George duke (keyboards) Dave parlato (bass) Patrick o’hearn (bass) James "bird legs" youman (bass, guitar) Terry bozzio (drums) Chester thompson (drums) Chad wackerman (drums) Ruth underwood (percussion) Thana harris (vocals) […]