Versuri Cabron – Asa ceva Nu gasesti asa ceva, asa ceva, decat in Romania. (x2) Nu gasesti asa ceva decat in Romania Nu cauta in alta parte, yeahhh China si […]

[Intro: DJ Big L & Fetty Wap] Niggas can’t fucking stop us ZooGang Zoovie, Zoovie Let’s go! [Hook: Fetty Wap] Yeah, what’s the difference between us? We real rich, yeah […]

itemid=””>LANA DEL REY Fine China lyrics I wore diamonds for the birth of your baby For the birth of your son On the same day my husband to be Packed […]

Ooohhh yeah baby, you’re in luck, Free fix for a fuck You can start to suck and I’ll fix you for a fuck It ain’t like you’re turning tricks, It’s […]