Chris Brown

Play this song [Intro] CashMoneyAP Yeah, yeah Kio, Kio Yeah, yeah, oh Buh, buh, buh, buh (Yeah) [Chorus] Lately niggas been worried ’bout Tecca, nigga You want me, how you gonna do better, […]

[Intro] So this nigga tax out here Why he tellin’ me he don’t eat ass my nigga This nigga wanna eat ass Cas’ out here with his wife, feeling left […]

feat. Chris Brown I keep thinking in my head that one day we’ll separate I see it happening everyday, nothing lasts forever That’s what people say I can’t picture you […]

Lyrics Chris Brown – Jujitsu Treat you like Jujitsu, oh, yeah, yeahhh When the spotlight hit you, oh, na, na, na Treat you like Jujitsuuu, oh, na, na, na When […]

[Verse 1: Chris Brown] Niggas wanna bang in the squad, don’t wanna put the work in Say you want my money, scared of fame, better murder then See the chopper, […]