Darth Vader

[Verse 1] You know it ain’t no stoppin’ all the dogs I’m droppin’ It’s Friday night so everything is poppin’ I gots ten to spend on the Hen So let […]

[Part I] [Intro] Everybody know I be Everybody know I be (yeah) Yeah [Chorus 1] Everybody know I be, in the club VIP (sike not me) Old girl wanna fuck […]

[Intro] Yeah, ooh Yeah, damn [Chorus] Poppin’ a bean (ooh, yeah) I lost my spleen (oh, yeah) You ever been so fucked up? (damn) I lost all my friends, they […]

Look, if the players be the winners who the losers? Wait thats us The cats who don’t really fit in lapped up in a pack truck Work break making o’s […]

[Hook] I’m the Fireman Fire, F-Fireman Fire, F-Fire, I got that fire for hire Come and try me and You can spark it up and I’mma put you out You […]