Donald Trump

[Intro] It’s that time of year again Don’t Come Outside, Vol. 2 on the way Y’all only rock with me ’cause I’m disrespectful Y’all know I don’t care ’bout these […]

[Bridge: A$AP Rocky] (Yeah yeah) Brotha man Brotha, brotha Gotta fight for somethin’ Stand for somethin’ Brotha, understand (no) Gotta make the place Take the truth (take the) Get through […]

[Intro] Yeah Yeah Yeah Me and Drew Banga, Came back from the hiatus I’m not high so, Imma try to just actually really feel it [Chorus] My daddy was a […]

[Intro] I wuv Trippie Redd Aye, it was always a, a fucking goal to, uh Give all these niggas hell, know what I’m sayin’ A Love Letter to You 2 […]

[Intro: Bono & Kid Capri] America, God bless you if it’s good to you America please take my hand Can you help me underst— New Kung Fu Kenny [Verse 1: […]

[Intro] Diego, roll me one up, my nigga [Refrain] The future started yesterday, nigga Every minute feelin’ different, I am not the same nigga [Verse 1] I admit that I […]

(Chorus) Put them bright lights I shine on them Put them bright lights on Put them bright lights on it’s my moment Put them bright lights on (X2) Do it […]