El Chapo

Play this song [Verse 1] Uh Cocaine got me out jail, cocaine paid my bail Cocaine don’t be buying bitches shit, no purse, no weave, no nails Cocaine put me […]

(feat. Jorja Smith) [Intro: Kali Uchis] Baby dímelo Dímelo, dímelo, dímelo [Verse 1: Kali Uchis] All I hear is sirens In a world so violent Would you be a tyrant […]

(feat. Kehlani) [Verse 1: Pusha T] Now that you’re focused I’m glad that you noticed The realest nigga here It’s kinda chilly being the coldest Me and Timbo in that […]

[Intro] Yo yo El-El Gringo, El Gringo, El Chapo, El Chapo Boy violate and the chopper dem chop you Unruly fucking boss Me ova dweet Put the ‘K pon repeat […]

Paroles DTF – Coco Cuba Choca choca Esé y’a plus d’famille, Paco a tiré sur Miklo Vas-t’en, vas-t’en, tues pas ton frère comme Cruzito J’ai le cigare à Tony, le […]

Paroles Samat – Ghet-Apens Hey yo, c’est Pablo Mes ennemis sur l’tableau mais dans l’Porsche j’l’ai pas eux J’laisse sur l’carreau J’parle de meurtre et d’braquo, demande au poto Fianso […]

[Intro – Future] You know this s**t adding up right now, you know what I’m saying like Freebandz Gang, Taliban Gang. Same thing, same difference, dig what I’m saying? I’m […]

[Verse 1: Belly] She hit the plane with half a kilo She turned around and said tranquilo Tomorrow meet me at mi casa Just call me when you know que […]

[INTRO: Nicki Minaj] You know baby, somethin’ ’bout you lately You know, you know, you (one time) never seize to amaze me [Hook: Meek Mill] And you know, and you […]

[Hook: Meek Mill] And you know, and you know He don’t be fuckin’ you like I be fuckin’ you He wanna hug you and make you uncomfortable You know, shawty, […]

[Pre-Hook] I’ma do this one for my homies gone The judge hit the hammer they ain’t coming home We all are from the danger zone The devil pulled the card […]