[Verse 1] Don’t put me on no time, I ain’t late Still rocking Balmain and Bape Sit back and roll a whole eighth Smoking that shit to the face All […]

[Chorus] Lord, when they call my phone I just press ignore Couple A&Rs live on my front porch They say that I’m almost on I tell them I know Know […]

[Intro] …text anymore… so what’re you recording? It’s a new song, I’ma let you hear a little bit Play it [Refrain: Young Thug] Well this is why-a-why-a-why Well this is […]

[Intro] Honorable C-Note Wizop [Verse 1] Fresher than a bitch Hit the mall for the fit And we fucking standing up I’m standing tall in you bitch I send them […]

Sniper Gang Eh, I like this lil’ beat right here Yeah, this a nice little beat I’m sippin’ on Belaire Yeah, I’m finna paint a picture Finna paint me a […]