Play this song PINK (PINK) WOOOO {HOOK} When I walk up they be sweating they be stressed (They be stressed) When they see us double everything in question (i don’t […]

[Verse 1: Jon Bellion & Travis Mendes] A song a day for six years seems like light years away from today (Hey, hey, hey, hey) Too many coincidences and instances […]

[Refrain] Im in Greece for the holiday Im in Greece for the warm weather I love the sea and the feta cheese I love seawater and just Greece [Verse] I […]

Lock the door and close the blinds They’re comin’ for me girl and I ain’t got time If they ask you, darlin’, oh about what I did Baby, you’ve gotta […]

Yaaaaooowaaaa!! [Joell] I’m hearin’ New York back [FTG] Yea, they say New York back? [Joell] Ya I’m hearin’ that talk [FTG] Ight Joell talk dat [Joell] Black Polo tee 40 […]

Street’s like a jungle So call the police Following the herd Down to Greece On holiday Love in the nineties Is paranoid On sunny beaches Take your chances Looking for […]