Gucci Mane

Play this song [Intro: Gucci Mane, Kranium] Uh-uh, bumboclaat Uh-uh, It’s Gucci (They got the boss) Big boss, yeah (Big boss) Ooh, yeah Okay Watch ’em [Verse 1: Gucci Mane] […]

Play this song [Intro] Wop East Atlanta Santa Jumpin’ out the Phantom Huh, go [Chorus] Jingle bales, bales on the scale (Bale) Fish scale same color as (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt) Tryna duck the […]

Play this song [Intro: Gucci Mane] Zaytoven Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, Gucci Mane, Gucci (Yeah) Wizop, the Wizop, the Wizop, the Wizop, the Wizop, the- (Wop) […]

[Intro] I can’t sleep I’m of that Caine 4x [Hook] Booted up Booted up Booted up Like I’ve been shooting up Fuck on that bitch she rooted up Choppa bust […]

(feat. 2 Chainz) [Intro: Lil Pump] Ooh, Lil Pump, yuh Huh? Lil Pump, Lil Pump! 2-17 on the track man! [Chorus: Lil Pump] Iced out chain (yeah) Iced out ring […]

Zone six I got money that I saved then I’m back on road Get my jewelry out the safe ’cause I’m back on road I still do these hoes the […]

[Intro] Honorable C-Note Wizop [Verse 1] Fresher than a bitch Hit the mall for the fit And we fucking standing up I’m standing tall in you bitch I send them […]

[INTRO] Lemonade whippin wit’ a lemonade bitch I feel like Gucci Mane I make maneuvers through the 6 I’m a loyal trapper, keep my scale and keep my stick Two […]