Harry Fraud

Play this song [Intro: French Montana] La música de Harry Fraud Call her friend, let’s have a ménage, ooh From the bottom, straight to the top, ooh [Chorus: French Montana] We chop that […]

Play this song [Intro] Yeah La música de Harry Fraud Ohana, yeah [Chorus] I ain’t had nobody teach me right, streets took my father The judge gave my cousin life, the fuck you […]

Play this song [Intro] Yeah Young Jefe, holmes La música de Harry Fraud [Chorus] We got automatics, no, we don’t need a manual I like to rock animals with Eric Emanuel Always late […]

[Intro: Rich The Kid] La Música de Harry Fraud You know how the fuck we comin’, nigga Broke-ass nigga Broke-ass, bitch-ass boy [Verse 1: Rich The Kid] I might put […]