[Intro: Offset] Shit got real, we was standin’ in the rain, woah (Real) I got four kids, know we need to spend some time, oh [Verse 1: Offset] I’m grindin’ […]

Cambodia- bosnia -Rawanda-Mans inhumanity to man continues today In the killing fields -Nothing has changed In the fields today-There, S death and dismay In the fields today- dead bodies still […]

[Intro] It’s Young Rockstar baby Young Skelter ain’t sorry though [Hook] Higher, your chick she getting higher Got your girl on dope and I’m the provider Stretch her pussy out, […]

[Intro] I’m just onions Yacht club on Smash Yeah [Chorus] Myanmar nigga hot, I’m just onions Cold bottles on bottles, I’m just onions 100,000 old whites, I’m just onions Coots […]

[Verse 1] Just another man with a watch on his hand And a cousin in the war Every average Joe with a button and bow Doesn’t know what for [Chorus] […]

Quiero cometer el error Más grande del mundo Y navegar en kayac De Miami a la Habana Quiero tomarme un café Viendo el Mediterráneo Y despertarme en Tulum Persiguiendo una […]