Jesus Christ

Play this song [Chorus] I think about you all the time But don’t you hear it just ain’t right For you I’d give it all up twice Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh Without you it just ain’t […]

Born and bred in the dungeon, ain’t it something I’ve been fed in abundance pain and suffering Just when you thought that you were getting on out On my knees […]

[Intro] Now where’s the [?] at? He should be too embarrassed to even walk back through this mother fucker When he-when he comes down, [?] It can’t be that fuckin’ […]

[Intro] Zaytoven [Chorus] If lovin’ me is wrong, I don’t wanna be right, then bitch you hatin’ I’m never wrong, one time thought I was wrong and I was only […]

[Intro: Roy Woods] Mhm, oh-oh-oh Oh-oh-ohh Oh-oh-ohh [Verse 1: PARTYNEXTDOOR] Bitch, I told my momma that I’m gonna bleed grief I told my momma that I’m gonna see this I […]

[Instrumental] Hey, what’s up man? I need three, you got em’ with you? OK, but I’m not gonna do any of that waiting around Uh, I got enough for three, […]

God has a plan, and the bible unfolds that wonderful plan Through the message of prophecy God sent Jesus into this world to be our savior And that Christ is […]

[Verse 1] You were the Word at the beginning One with God the Lord Most High Your hidden glory in creation Now revealed in You our Christ [Chorus 1] What […]

[Verse 1] Summer’s gone and so are you See the sky electrocute A thousand boys that look like you Cover my eyes electric blue [Refrain] Now I can’t get my […]