[Verse 1] Good enough ain’t good enough for you or me And feelin’ stuck is f*ckin’ up my sanity Fallelujah fillin’ empty spaces Hallelujah, I need savin’, not a savior Clutch until my knuckles […]

[Intro] Yo Yeah, yeah Right [Chorus] Ride with the colors inside your conscience Kissing on my neck like collars (Yeah) Neon, the lights behind us Head game, white light, too […]

[Verse 1] Swim laps ’round my swimming pool and The water holds me just like you do No white noise when I go under I think I’m starting to feel better [Pre-Chorus] I’ve got […]

[Chorus] They hate it when you shine, yea They don’t wanna see you grind, yea All these girls wanna be mine, yea But I ain’t got time, yea Get money, […]

Lyrics Bryce Fox – Cold hearted It’s somewhere north of Florida A little west of Georgia At my best, you’re not impressed ‘Cause I’m a loser Both my wings are […]

Seems like all these girls are perfect All these girls are perfect In LA, in LA They’ve got so much there to purchase All those labels on their purses In […]

Lyrics Lil Uzi Vert – YSL We gettin’ money man f*ck all that hatin’ shit This nigga trippin Aye, Iky gimme my weed bro Hahaha This nigga smokin’ gas Beat […]

[Intro: Famous Dex] Nah I’m just playin’, ha ADVM on the beat Youknowwhatimsayin? What? Lil pump wit me, huh, huh Smokepurpp wit me, what? huh Two guns, that’s all on […]

On the other side of a street I knew Stood a girl that looked like you I guess that’s déjà vu But I thought this can’t be true ‘Cause you […]