Photo: The Daily Telegraph released an article where, citing sources, claims that the British National Wrestling Agency with crime and intelligence of the kingdom will look for London assets […]

[Romanized:] YAYA Bihaenggi bihaenggi Meolli tteona ollataja bihaenggi Neowa na hamkke taneun bihaenggi We are, we are eodideun gayo We are, we are neowaneun eodideunji gaji Okay eodideunji gaji jigu […]

[Chorus] I ride with my niggas I ride with the fetty And my wrist cold like Yeti All my shit dropping soon you ain’t ready This is my whip not no Chevy I wanna […]

Play this song [Intro: Kodak Black & Gucci Mane] Big boy diamonds (Burr) I’m that big boy stepper, I’m that stepper All my steps calculated, I’m that stepper, nigga (Free Kodak, ASAP) Remember […]

Play this song [Intro] We got London on da Track [Verse 1] I been all in my phone, I got options And I don’t wanna tell you to drop it But I don’t […]

Play this song [Intro: Nav, Meek Mill, & Kodak Black] Yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, yeah, yeah (I’m in London, got my beat from London) Yeah, yeah [Verse 1: Meek Mill] […]

[Intro: Dave’s Elder Brother Christopher] Like man was saying, bruv Many nights man prayed, bruv Somewhere someone’s gonna help me through this, man Someone is gonna help bring me out […]

Woah woah woah, yeah Woah woah woah Woah woah woah Woah woah woah We got London on da Track [Verse 1:] Imma charge her like a dodger Bae im way […]

[Intro: Young Thug] You said no interest (tsh-tsh-ah) Said you found a better climax (tsh-tsh-ah) You said he’s swagged out (tsh-tsh-ah), you leave (tsh-tsh-tsh) It’s like a shot to the […]

(feat. Stormzy) [Verse 1: Raye] In August, I’m staring at rain clouds A descendant of London I watch as people are falling like rain Encouraged to seek other options I […]

[Verse 1] Wake up ’cause I’m on my way 2 AM in the cab and it’s only Monday And the driver knows my name Yeah, I hope that I am […]

[Verse] There’s money on your head you’re a wanted face Upside down I’m gonna turn this place In the shadow of the city you’ve been laying low Whoah – I […]