[Verse: 1] Fine China, Chyna doll I’m just tryna ball, ’till my money gets tall like the china walls Sorry, if you ain’t getting no views there’s no time to talk Look, back when […]

[Letra de “BENDICIONES”] [Intro] Estoy aquí porque Dios tuvo planes conmigo Gracia’ a ustede’ y a lo’ mío’ soy agradecido ¿Tumbarme a mí? Mis enemigo’ no han podido Yo estoy bendecío’ [Coro] Bendicione’ […]

[Verse] The trap, I can go back any minute Any privilege got me lookin’ at these bitches really different Shot a video in the 30’s, guess he really trippin’ Never […]

[Intro: Drake & Wizkid] Go outside, big time forward, heh Starboy dey here suh [Verse 1: Wizkid] Came into the game, no one replace me Me love my Hennessy straight […]

Yo, VIP, let’s kick it! Ice ice baby Ice ice baby All right stop Collaborate and listen Ice is back with my brand new invention Something grabs a hold of […]

Black Friday season… long awaited… (Do the Kimmy Girl rock) Kimmy whattup baby? (Do the Kimmy Girl rock) You know what it is… What’s my name? My name is Kimmy, […]

[Intro] I’ve been in the stu late, workin’, no residuals If we never speak again, I’m just glad I got to tell you truth Ain’t playin’ count em’ You wanna […]