(feat. DJ Hardwerk) [Intro] Cardi Hard work [Verse 1] Ayo, step up in the spot, you know who I be Couple bottles pop in the VIP Dancin’ all up on […]

Lyrics Dave East – The Hated We gotta get it They hated Esco They hated Escobar I’m still here Dave East talk that talk Streets need that; NYC, L.A., Chicago, […]

[Intro] 500 Benz 500 Benz Statik Selektah 500 Benz 500 Benz [Verse 1] Took the business class seats back to NYC Left LAX with a bag of the THC Straight […]

[Intro] Don’t you ever being scared business to me You lookin’ at the toughest, rass’clat Jamaican in the United States of America I run shit I kill for nothing I […]

Damn, shit,God help, shit, teehee,God damn aye I hope the police don’t raid X2 Aye Keep the scale in the kitchen Case’ the police raid I been going thru some […]