Play this song [Chorus] I can make her left-right when she shake her ass cheeks (Woah) Yeah, she’s so nasty (Yeah) Yeah, she’s so nasty (Oh) Yeah, she’s so nasty (Yeah) Yeah, she’s so […]

Play this song [Intro] Give it up, we— [Verse] Somebody tooted in the student commons The bell rang, he went home then argued in the comments I watched the doppler move I watched […]

Play this song [Intro] DY Krazy [Chorus] Sometimes it feels like I can’t die, ’cause I never was alive Everyday it feels like someone new dies, hope the news is […]

[Chorus] I’ve been feelin’ needy, this love shit ain’t easy You’ve been all on my mind, I’ve been barely breathin’ Had a panic attack, I thought you were leavin’ And […]

[Intro] All I have in this world is my balls and my word and I don’t break ’em for no one, you understand? [Verse 1] Lookin’ in the mirror and […]

[Verse 1: OG Maco] ’06 broke shit, quarters in my denim then Haven’t seen the field yet, I was still a citizen Piss poor, rich dreams ’07 switched it up […]

[Verse 1] Look, I ain’t never had shit I always wanted more, though I was a little badass Nappy roots with the cornrows Papa used to work his ass off […]

[Verse 1] She set my ’94 four door Ford on fire today So I took her favorite pair of diamond earrings and I pawned them away That’s when she walked […]

[Intro] Shotta Spence Von Vuai Take no talk from no boy I’ll never live on my knees, I’m dying on my feet I’ll never flee never flee [Verse 1] Everywhere […]

[Intro] So what’s up with all that goddamn tough talk you had earlier on the phone, you know what I’m saying? When you said you was ‘gon goddamn do this […]