Play this song [Intro: Johnny Venus] You put lives on the line, shoestring ties on the line Woah I been cashin’ in, cuttin’ checks and cutting edge Cuttin’ lines in to my head, […]

[Verse 1: Rejjie Snow] Officer, my hands is up Please don’t shoot, but I might run Run nigga, run nigga, run nigga I’ve been black since ’91 Piggy piggy, hold […]

[Intro: Dumbfoundead] You took me as safe That was your first mistake Who said I was safe [Verse 1: Dumbfoundead] The other night I watched the Oscars And the roster […]

[Hook](2x) Woher kenn’ ich diesen Ton? Es kommt tief aus meinem Walkman Die ersten Rhymes schrieb ich 19’94 Erinnerst du dich, Bruder, als es war Als es keine Handys gab, […]