[Verse] Late nights on that corner used to be everything They done took away everything from my niggas Gotta make a way for my niggas I know Pappy with me […]

Play this song [Intro] Yeah [Chorus] Peanut butter seats came perfect time Rich but I’m still ducking one time I seen the light, then I climbed in Had to take ’em out, we […]

[Intro] Zaytoven Yah, yah, yah, yah (Yeah) Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh (Yeah) Yah, yah (Yeah) Sosa, baby (Sosa) GBE, baby (Bang, Bang) [Chorus] Chocolate chopper for him, he think it’s […]

[Intro] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] All I know is grind (Grind) Wonder why the Lord steady sendin’ me blessings, I don’t know why (Don’t know why) Mama thanked me for […]

[Chorus: Quavo] Your bitch, she wet, she leakin Na, for real Don’t fuck with you niggas, you sneakin Na, for real Can’t turn my back on the hood, it need […]

[Intro] Randolph, yeah, yeah Zeeshan [Verse 1: Randolph] Ah You don’t like me that’s established Keyboard warrior Ugly ass catfish You can never @ this Out here, living that lavish […]

[Verse] Remember I was gang banging Earning my lil stripes and got my name ranging Rap got me getting money now my name ringing Heard my cousin say that he […]

Dun Deal on the track Is you with me or against me? (With me or against me?) I’m a OG now so you need me (OG, I’m a OG) Think […]

[Chorus] Walked out Gucci then crossed the street (fuck it) Upset stomach, I had to eat (ooh) Walked in Louis and spent six Gs (fuck it) Ran out of Swishers […]

(feat. FKA twigs) [Instrumental] [Hook: A$AP Rocky] Fuck ’em, fuck sleep, come clean, zonin’ Can’t forget that I’m golden, can’t forget where I’m going Fuck popo, police, enemies, fake homies […]

(feat. Tech N9ne) [Verse 1: Big Scoob] Scooby Doo I’m goofy, I’m movie I keep it moving Keep it pushing from the music to bushes ain’t nothing do me Here’s […]

[Verse 1] Back on my shit, you should be nervous boy Maybach ride, I’m ducked low behind them curtains boy And I got my feet up, young nigga sittin’ comfy […]

[Intro] Dollar MWA Music Off the collar Postman Yeah [Chorus] Ayy, get your pussy wet Put that on my feelings, OG on my breath, ayy Roll the dice life and […]

[Intro] Southside on the track, yeah Southside Southside Yeah Strapped [Chorus] I just got some stupid dome from this hoe from the Southside Long live Troup, my OG man, that […]

(feat. Dirtcaps & Jo Mersa) [Verse 1] Badman ah rude bwoy, ah de warrior OG, ambush dem wid de fiyah mek kno sah Bow! Emperor Selassie – I we praise […]

[Verse 1] I used to say Do dreams really come true? Do miracles happen? Can I get paid for my passion? When I was young and my American fam would […]

[Intro: Smokepurpp] When you hear that money counter, that’s Killa Slade in the back Ffff beep! Yuh! Esketit [Hook: Smokepurpp] My cup is soo muddy My cup is soo muddy […]

[Intro] Like we ain’t never ever go hard for this They don’t let us in, we bogartin’ this shit Yeah They talkin’ ’bout practice, bloody Like we don’t practice, bloody […]