Play this song [Chorus: H.E.R., Stormzy] If you give me just one second of your time (Yo) I could tell you stories ’bout my life (True story) I’ve seen hope and I’ve seen struggle […]

Play this song [Verse 1] I’m on this red-eye rolling down a runway Window seat, nonstop one-way 2 PM, Gate B10, it can’t come soon enough I’ve got a mid-flight magazine and a mixed […]

[Intro: Johnny Venus] From the heart, from the heart this time All of these dreams that you don’t need true All of these things you don’t give too Call on […]

[Verse 1: WICCA PHASE SPRINGS ETERNAL & DØVES] You’ll only see us in the back GothBoiClique, all black I knew love once, it’s hard to forget I thought of you […]

[Guitar] Xeryus [Verse 1] Girl, you’re so far gone, I know you meant it You cut all your hair off, yeah these days you’re lookin’ different You switched up your […]

[Chorus] Ain’t gotta wait to make the movies, I be loaded Why you out here drinkin’ 40’s, I just told it Still that same nigga in a foreign, but it’s […]

[Intro] Yeah, rock solid nigga Solid as a motherfuckin’ rock, bitch Yeah, nigga [Verse] When you fall, who you gon’ land on? Niggas foundation is shaky, ain’t shit to stand […]