San Francisco

[Intro] Je ne suis pas chez moi Chez moi Je ne suis pas chez moi Chez moi Moi—je ne suis [Chorus] Chez-ez moi, -ez moi (-Ez moi) Chez-ez moi, -ez […]

[Verse 1] The bitch look mad, you’re stressed out I don’t give a shit, fuck her in the mouth Bitch Mob niggas know what we about Thank you BasedGod, fuck […]

[Intro] Aye, going, going, going Aye, she still going Aye, shout out San Francisco Aye, shout out… aye [Verse 1] The bitch still ho-in’ (Ho-in’) Don’t lie (Don’t lie) Bend […]

[Verse 1] Feel I’m going back to Massachusetts Something’s telling me I must go home [Chorus] And the lights all went out in Massachusetts The day I left her standing […]