Una per proteggere i miei cari Una per pararmi il culo dagli infami Una per leccarli come i cani Una per scoparla e poi cacciarla domani Una per fregarti e […]

Everyone’s talking ’bout Elvis ‘Cause it seems like the thing that we do Elvis is walking around listlessly Seems he can’t even die if he wanted to It’s a bad […]

Call her super, she’s missing [?] We’re taking frame by frame, she’s stuck in my picture and I could’ve just erase her but I won’t ‘Cause like this she’d get […]

Uh, Sitting by the river with you Holding the hand down in my hands I don’t wanna grab it Simply kiss back I’ve drown myself while Baby is gone We […]

Gimme a new single Make me a new baby Gonna eat all the candy while you straddle and lay me Gonna to know all the words before you come on […]

I’ve been up in my head all day Wow me up, I might be going insane Watching all my friends on the TV again Singing all the songs that I […]

[Intro: Kid Capri] New Kung Fu Kenny Ain’t nobody prayin’ for me Y’all know, what happens on Earth stays on Earth Here we go! I don’t give a fuck, I […]

I heard you sold the Amazon To show the country that you’re from Is where the world should want to be For find something all people need I’m faithless now […]

[Intro: Jay Z] Uh, turn, what goes around comes around Ayy, turn, turn the music up, uh, yeah Goes around comes around What goes, alright, like like Life goes in […]

[Chorus] Fuck out my way when you see me I’m rollin’ with the LGBT Fuck out my way when you see me I’m rollin’ with the LGBT I’m rollin’ with […]

[Verse 1] It might be easy on the other side Not here Maybe you’ll understand some other time Get real You saw the streams when we expected life Awful Then […]