West Coast

[Verse 1] I’ve been caged, I’ve been hounded, I’ve been hunted and tamed I’m the outlaw of outside and ready to rage I’m in search of the heart I can […]

[Intro] Yeah, ayy first off you feel me. It’s your boy Lil B in the house. I wanna give a shout out to the Midwest. Hey Detroit what’s good if […]

[Verse 1: Kira Divine] Baby, now let’s go, drive me away Get your body back to the rock of the fray Over the West Coast, find me a way I’m […]

INTRO Man: “Andre Fellas, Alot of people think your song Kind of bring back alot of memories, So what u got to say?” ANDRE: “Oh yeah! They keep asking the […]

[Verse 1] Baby girl, used ride on the metro Had a dream of diamonds and stilettos First class in Miami from the West Coast Never wanted to be homecoming queen […]

[Intro] These record labels don’t want artists to talk to each other We get to talking too much, we just might put a union together (mmm) And if we unionize, […]

[Chorus] You only call me when you’re drunk, yeah I only text you when I’m on I just said that we’re in love You probably tell me that I’m wrong […]

(Prod. ayokay) (Intro: fade in) They’re in love They’re in love (Chorus 1) Aye, aye, words that I say Downtown the light’s out but we choose to stay I don’t […]

[Intro] Yeah Something for the fans Yeah [Verse] I’m the type to rent a hotel room just to feel at home I’m the type to rent a hotel room just […]