The European Parliament decided to recover more than €600,000 from Le Pen and her associates.

The Anti-Fraud Office believes that Le Pen and three members of her party, also former MEPs, squandered funds from the European Parliament budget for internal needs of the party

Marine Le Pen

The European Parliament intends to recover from the presidential candidate of France, the leader of the far-right party “National Rally” Marine Le Pen and her associates €617,000 after party members were accused of illegal spending, writes Le Figaro, citing AFP. Le Pen is directly accused of embezzlement of €137 thousand.

We are talking about spending allegedly committed when Le Pen was an MEP.

The day before, the French edition of Mediapart published an article in which it reported, citing a report by the EU Anti-Fraud Office, that Le Pen and three other members of the “National Association” suspected of embezzlement of money from the budget of the European Parliament. The report states that the funds were spent on internal purposes of the party: the purchase of promotional items, as well as wine for the party congress in 2014, travel expenses and hotel accommodation. In general, the costs cited by the Fraud Office are for the period from 2007 to 2014, writes Mediapart.

“Their repeated deliberate acts over a number of years […] and their misbehavior, given the level of their duties and responsibilities in the European Parliament, are sufficient grounds to suspect serious misconduct on the part of these four former MEPs . Their behavior and non-compliance with the rules means that they must be held accountable for their serious infractions, — says in the report. He was taken to court.

Le Pen's spokesman, in a comment to Mediapart, denied the accusations and pointed out that the investigation took into account the period up to 2017, but the report appeared in the public field only now.

Presidential elections are underway in France. As part of the first round, Marine Le Pen won 23.15% of the vote, the current head of state Emmanuel Macron— 27.84%. Politicians made it to the second round, voting will take place on April 24.

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