The expert told how much the dollar will cost after the May holidays

Exchangers began to buy dollars from the Russians at a predatory rate.

The ruble exchange rate has recently fixed against the dollar thanks to support measures taken by the Russian authorities.

For example, such measures include currency restrictions, the sale of foreign exchange earnings by exporters, and a trade surplus after blocking the export of foreign currency abroad.

However, the situation may change after the May holidays.

Financial analyst Vladislav Antonov spoke about this.

In an interview with Life, he said that a strong ruble would not suit the Ministry of Finance for budget layouts. In addition, geopolitical factors are putting pressure on the ruble, which could lead to a fall in the Russian currency.

“By mid-May, we expect the dollar to recover to 80. Before growth, it is able to test the level of 70 rubles. By mid-May, the euro exchange rate is expected to rise to the zone of 80-82 rubles & # 8221;, & # 8211; he said.

Against this background, economist Igor Nikolaev spoke about new trends in Russian exchange offices.

He pointed out that Russian citizens carry small banknotes of currency there, while they themselves exchangers offer more and more extortionate rates.

In general, Igor Nikolaev considers the current exchange rate to be beneficial, but at the same time, the economist urges to take into account the likelihood of introducing severe restrictions at any time, writes “MK”.

Nikolaev recalled that the ruble remains the national currency , so in Russia we will live with our currency.

The expert said that we should not panic and calmly observe the situation.

At the same time, in exchange offices, despite the unfavorable rate for selling, Russians are increasingly selling foreign currency.

According to the expert, the last time he saw this was in the 2000s, when people brought $10, $20 or $50 banknotes to exchange to buy something immediately after leaving the exchanger.

“In a branch of one of the large banks, they offer to buy a dollar for 76 rubles, and sell it for only 65. The same situation with the euro: buying for 80 rubles versus selling for 68&#8221 ;, – said the economist, urging not to sell dollars and euros unnecessarily.

Earlier, TopNews wrote that the dollar fell below 69 rubles for the first time in two years. This happened the day before at the opening of trading at the Moscow Exchange.


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