The first automobile bridge between Russia and China was opened in Blagoveshchensk: fare announced

The construction of the highway cost 19 billion rubles.

The first automobile bridge across the Amur has opened in Russia, which connects the cities of Blagoveshchensk and Chinese Heihe.

According to RIA “Novosti”, the launch ceremony was attended by the presidential envoy to the Far East Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of the People's Republic of China Hu Chunhua, head of the Russian Ministry of Transport Vitaly Savelyev.

The movement was started by a Chinese representative, saying in Russian: “Let's go!”.

According to the head of the Amur Region, Vasily Orlov, the average price for a car to cross the bridge will be 8,700 rubles, which will subsequently be reduced. And Savelyev added that the volume of cargo turnover will be about 1 million tons per year.

The start was given for eight tractors of the fleet of LLC “Gazprom Helium Service”, which went through the checkpoint “ Kani-Kurgan – Heihe”. Eight trucks with tires and electrical components also left China.

It is known that the construction of the highway was started at the end of 2016, it was carried out from two sides.

The opening was postponed due to the pandemic coronavirus. Of the 19 billion rubles that were spent on construction, 14 billion were given by Russia.

The length of the two-lane highway, clarifies RIA & # 8220; Novosti & # 8221;, is 1,080 m, roadway width – 11 m, total – 18.2 m.
The length of the bridge crossing – about 20 km, of which 13 km in Russia, 6 km – in China and 278 m is occupied by the bridge over the Kanikurgan channel.

The capacity of the bridge – 630 trucks per day, 164 buses and 68 cars.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the bridge in Blagoveshchensk was completed in 2019.


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