The Foreign Ministry announced the participation of Ukraine and the UN in the dialogue between Russia and Turkey on grain

Earlier this issue was discussed by military delegations from Moscow and Ankara. A round of negotiations with the participation of Kyiv and the UN will be held in Istanbul on July 13 =”The Foreign Ministry announced the participation of Ukraine and the UN in the dialogue between Russia and Turkey on grain” />

The next round of consultations between the Russian and Turkish military on the export of Ukrainian grain will be held in Istanbul on July 13, Interfax reported. Director of the Department of International Organizations of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Petr Ilyichev. He added that representatives of Ukraine and the UN will join the dialogue.

“The Russian military daily announces humanitarian corridors from the Black and Azov Seas specially established for this purpose. The clear conditions for us remain the possibility of controlling and inspecting ships to exclude arms smuggling, as well as Kyiv's refusal to provocations, — added a diplomat.

On June 21, delegations of the Russian and Turkish Defense Ministries met in Moscow. They discussed the export of Ukrainian grain. After that, the Turkish military department announced a quadripartite meeting on the “grain problem” in the coming weeks.

Since the beginning of the Russian military operation by May, Ukraine, according to various estimates, has accumulated from 4.5 million to 20 million tons of grain. The UN and some Western leaders have warned of the possibility of a food crisis due to shortages. In the West, Russia was accused of counteracting the supply of Ukrainian grain. Moscow has repeatedly rejected these accusations, stating that Kyiv, by mining the ports, itself created obstacles to export. Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that Russia would ensure free passage of ships if the ports were cleared of mines. He offered other options for the export of grain— along the Danube, through Romania, Hungary, Poland and Belarus.

Turkey has assumed the role of an intermediary in solving problems with the supply of grain from Ukraine. In mid-June, Ankara, Kyiv and Moscow created a channel of communication on this issue through the line of the generals, and at the end of the month in Turkey they announced what had been achieved “as a result of contacts”; consensus on the establishment of an operations center for the grain issue in Istanbul.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on July 5 that negotiations are ongoing and it is possible to reach a result in seven—ten days.

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