The Foreign Ministry called Finland and Sweden a place of confrontation with NATO

Zakharova: in the event of joining NATO, Finland and Sweden will become a place of confrontation between NATO – not a defensive alliance, these words are a “fiction”, Zakharova claims, and the entry of Sweden and Finland into the bloc threatens to “unbalance” European security. The operation in Ukraine is considered by the Foreign Ministry to be a consequence of US policy The Foreign Ministry called Finland and Sweden a place of confrontation with NATO” />

NATO's raison d'être is a geopolitical confrontation with Russia that will affect Finland and Sweden if they join the alliance, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC. The text is quoted by the press service of the ministry.

“If Finland and Sweden join the alliance, they will become a space for confrontation between the North Atlantic bloc and Russia, with all the ensuing consequences, including for our time-tested good neighborly relations. Is this what the inhabitants of Sweden and Finland aspire to?»— asked Zakharova.

In her opinion, the claims that NATO is a defensive organization, “a sham” because the bloc seeks to contain Moscow, “radical change” military-political situation in Europe, as well as undermining the strategic balance of power.

Zakharova added that NATO has been “processing” Helsinki and Stockholm to influence their policies, and this was achieved by the fact that the alliance “carefully molded the image of the enemy out of Russia.” At the same time, she is sure, it was NATO that posed a threat to Russian security. Moscow has warned Sweden and Finland before that “drawing into the NATO orbit threatens to unbalance” the security of Europe, said the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Russia's special operation in Ukraine should be perceived as a consequence of the aggressive expansionist policy of NATO, led by the United States, and not vice versa,”— added Zakharova.

The Foreign Ministry later accused the Spanish newspaper of censorship, saying that the publication first intended to publish an abbreviated version of the conversation in print, and publish the entire conversation on the website. ABC then reported that “in this format” the interview with Zakharova will not be published. “There is no doubt, there is a fact of undisguised censorship. With which ABC correspondent R. Moreno Manueco could not but agree, who confirmed this in a telephone conversation,— approved by the ministry.

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Now the issue of applying for membership in NATO is being discussed in the Finnish Parliament, the Academician. According to the head of the Finnish government, Sanna Marin, what is happening in Ukraine has changed the security environment, and “there is no turning back.” Helsinki is now working on various scenarios for Russia's reaction to the country's accession to the alliance. Earlier, she explained her desire to see Finland in NATO by saying that Russia turned out to be “not the neighbor we thought it was.”

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has already promised support for the applications of Sweden and Finland, indicating that he cannot guarantee that Moscow will not use force next time. He called obvious the impossibility of changing state borders by force. “Now that Russia is trying to do it in Ukraine, there is no guarantee that it will try to do it somewhere else,” Scholz explained.

The Kremlin assured that Moscow does not consider the accession of the Scandinavian countries to NATO as an existential threat to itself. “We will have to make our western flank more and more sophisticated in terms of our security,” noted at the same time the representative of the President Dmitry Peskov. Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said that the membership of Finland and Sweden in NATO threatens with “the most undesirable consequences.”

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