The police began to detain the opposition, blocking the streets in Yerevan

On May 2, the Armenian opposition began civil disobedience actions. People are blocking the streets, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan due to his position on Nagorno-Karabakh and the lack of support from Russia


Special police forces began to detain participants in the mass protests that block the central streets of Yerevan and demand the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, follows from the broadcast of the 24news TV channel on YouTube.

The Armenian opposition entered France Square at about 7:00 am ( 6:00 Moscow time) on May 2, said the leader of the “Azatagrum” movement, the former head of the pro-Russian society “Tsargrad Armenia” Mikael Badalyan on Telegram. Some of the protesters have been on the streets since yesterday.

New shares were scheduled for 8:30 am (7:30 Moscow time). By this time, people had already blocked Arshakunyants Avenue. After another 10 minutes, the leader of “Azatagrum” reported blocking 14 streets. Protesters use garbage cans, cars to block, or stand on the roads themselves. In order to clear the roads, in some places the police are trying to move cars.

One of the major marches is led by Deputy Chairman of the National Assembly of Armenia Ishkhan Saghatelyan from the Hayastan bloc, which competes with the ruling Civil Contract party. He is also one of the leaders of the Azatagrum movement.

At 8:26 Badalyan announced his arrest, he was already being taken to the police station.

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As of 0:40 local time (0:40 Moscow time), the police detained 125 activists, the press service of the police reported, TASS reports.

Opposition representatives are dissatisfied with the policy of Pashinyan's party and have been holding protests since mid-April because of the prime minister's words about the need to “lower the bar of expectations” on the status of Nagorno-Karabakh. The opposition regarded his words as a readiness to recognize the region as part of Azerbaijan under pressure from Turkey. Pashinyan himself intends to “surrender” Karabakh rejected it.

At the same time, Azatgrum activists more than once they spoke out against the position of the Armenian authorities, who refused to recognize the DPR and LPR, and also abstained in the UN General Assembly condemning the military operation of Russia in Ukraine.

The day before, a big rally in Place de France. Some protesters set up tents and held a round-the-clock protest. Traffic on the square was paralyzed, the protesters built barricades of garbage cans, benches.

Later, the opposition announced that large-scale civil disobedience would begin on May 2.

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