The technologies of the anti-Russian information war of the West are revealed: what happened in Bucha

“Overseas directors and Ukrainian artists had a discrepancy – they didn’t have enough rehearsals and acting skills”

Due to the conflict in Ukraine, our country was faced with the sanctions actually declared by the “collective West”, economic and propaganda war. Its weapon was accusations against Russia of killings of civilians. President of the All-Russian Police Association, Doctor of Law, Honored Lawyer of Russia, Professor, Lieutenant General Yuri Zhdanov spoke about the technologies of the information war of Ukrainian and Western intelligence services against Russia.

– They believe in what they themselves invent and tell their citizens. The most amazing thing is that then they themselves expose their lies, presenting it as a sensation. Kind of a twisted vicious circle. Of course, they did not read the classic about the non-commissioned officer's widow who flogged herself.

– It's funny and somewhat primitive. This is an information show aimed at uneducated minds. I can give a vivid example – the American site The Good Citizen, which publishes versions of events in Ukraine that are alternative to other Western media. On April 4, a material appeared on it, which outlines the facts of political provocation technologies used by Western media.

So this is what this well-known US site writes. Quote: “Blurry Ariel drone footage from Syria has been used to show the Western masses glorious victories on the battlefields of Ukraine. Objects exploding in monochrome thermal vision could be anything to any true believer.”

Even a burning American battleship was used as photo props, presented as a Russian destroyer attacked by brave Ukrainian “freedom fighters” in the Black Sea. In fact, it was used twice in the same month, at the beginning and end of March. To say that Western military propaganda was sloppy is an understatement.

The “bombardment” of the Mariupol maternity hospital was a staged media operation, closely reminiscent of the White Helmets' activities in Syria, as are reports of Russian airstrikes on a theater in the same city, which was said to house thousands of civilians at the time. Western headlines were full of accusations that the Russians were killing civilians from the sky.”

I repeat, this is written not by ours, but by the American site.

– No, this is not technology, this is its result. The technology consists in distributing, including in networks, the necessary information among ideologically indoctrinated dupes who act out their indignation and hysteria right on the signal.

– What did you want? Propaganda war is not about killing the enemy, it is about zombifying him. Here tanks, planes and rockets will not help. As they say, it's not for you to eat lobio.

– This is the meaning, this is the notorious technology. Everything must be organized in such a way that Western leaders and their media express their indignation exactly at the signal. Hardly a day goes by without completely fabricated and unconfirmed stories of “Russian atrocities” or “war crimes” against civilians. And here's the catch: when confirmed videos surface of Ukrainian soldiers torturing Russian POWs by shooting them in the legs and breaking their bones, the Western media easily ignores this uncomfortable evidence, which undermines the narratives needed to manipulate the masses.

– Why did it happen? It's only the beginning! This is one of the decisive modern ideological battles. Who actually staged the genocide of civilians? And was he at all? This must be clarified, proven and the culprits named right now, and not, as in the case of Khatyn, more than half a century later. When it was indecent to call the murderers of women and children not only the Germans, but also the so-called “brothers” of the Ukrainians. And there were more of them, who burned alive the inhabitants of the Belarusian village, than the Germans. Of the three hundred punishers, two hundred are Ukrainians-Bandera. They hushed up the truth so as not to quarrel the fraternal peoples.

– Yes, the same thing, just the other way around. Western media have picked up the fantasies of Ukrainian government propagandists and spread them everywhere.

But questions immediately arose. After all, people in the West, nevertheless, are not completely fools, no matter how hard they try to make them so. For example, black bags at the site of alleged mass murders and burials, which are shown by the Western media. Well, why do the “Russian killers” pack their victims so carefully and then defiantly leave them? And by the way, has anyone released the contents of those black bags? What is there – corpses or, after all, household garbage? There is no need to doubt, gentlemen Western inhabitants: there is a peremptory headline claiming that all this is the victims of Russian soldiers. You can't argue.

– Not only do they not hear, they are not even going to hear, and they stop up the ears of others. This is the essence of the propaganda war. No one should know that during the time the city was under the control of the Russian armed forces, not a single local resident suffered from any violent actions. At the same time, the Russian military delivered and distributed 452 tons of humanitarian aid to civilians in the Kiev region.

Again, while the city was under the control of the Russian armed forces, the inhabitants of Bucha moved freely around the city and used mobile phones. At the same time, the exits from Bucha were not blocked. All local residents were free to leave the city in a northern direction, including towards Belarus.

And here is an important detail: the southern outskirts of the city, including residential areas, were fired around the clock by Ukrainian troops from large-caliber artillery, tanks and multiple launch rocket systems.

All Russian units were completely withdrawn from Bucha already on March 30, the day after Russian-Ukrainian face-to-face negotiations in Turkey. And on March 31, the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, confirmed in a video message that there were no Russian servicemen in the city. And at the same time, he did not say a word about a single local resident who was shot in the street with his hands tied. Why? Was someone afraid? After all, the Russians left, it would be possible to “convict” with impunity.

Well, as soon as real Ukrainian “heroes” appeared in Bucha, the victims and alleged executioners of the Ukrainian people were immediately discovered.

– Alas, the Kyiv “truth about the genocide” surfaced only on the fourth day, when SBU officers and representatives of the Ukrainian media cautiously entered Bucha. When they realized with relief that Russian troops were not here, they immediately found “evidence” of the crimes of the “Muscovites”. It's simple.

– The recognition of any evidence by the Americans is rather an anti-example. Remember how General Colin Powell shook a test tube with diluted kefir at the UN Security Council, claiming that it contained anthrax bacilli? And these bacilli, according to him, are in service with Iraq. This means that Iraq, according to the logic of the American general, threatens the whole world and must be destroyed. And none of the respected and, apparently, very smart and educated members of the UN Security Council, did not come to mind that just like that, in a test tube, the most terrible bacteriological weapon cannot be carried. Or were they all just pretending to be idiots back then? After all, only an idiot could not understand that Powell would have died with those around him in terrible agony a few hours later, taking this vial in his hands. Nevertheless, he managed to deceive everyone and unleash a war in the Middle East, which has not subsided so far.

– Yes, it's scary. But The Good Citizen website is tormented by vague doubts – and there is something to be tormented by. So, to the surprise of this site, all the bodies of the people whose images were shown by the Kiev regime did not stiffen, which should have happened in four days. The bodies do not have the typical cadaveric spots, and there is uncoagulated blood in the wounds. Of course, everything should be examined by experts. But the sediment has already appeared.

And, what is especially important, not one of the civilians in the frame mentions any of these atrocities, mass graves, corpses on the streets. And none of them accuses Russia of “genocide” and all that was spinning on Western corporate-state propaganda sites. Strange, isn't it?

And yet, what happened in Bucha? These questions are also asked by the American site The Good Citizen. It turns out that the mayor of the city made a video three days before these messages and, oddly enough, did not mention all these civilian bodies on the street. He may not have received guidance from the handlers at Langley as to what was to come soon.

Most likely, there was some kind of inconsistency between overseas directors and local artists – there were not enough rehearsals and acting skills. Yes, and time too. Comedian Zelensky, of course, as an artist, is magnificent. But around, alas, solid mediocrity – rural and very stupid rogues. They failed to understand and embody the great plan of the “maestro” on the historical stage.

– These are such unfortunate historical characters. The misfortune of the Western Ukrainian population is that they sincerely consider themselves the true indigenous masters of Galicia. There is a proverb in Ukraine: a fool gets richer with his thoughts. Here is what they thought about themselves. Actually it is not. The same Lviv in its current form was created and rebuilt by Poles, Hungarians, Austrians – anyone, but not Ukrainians. Actually, about such a nation here and have not heard. There were Rusyns, Boykos, Lemkos, Hutsuls – there are such local peoples. Their representatives came to the same Lvov to exchange something for their agricultural products and game, which they got in the surrounding forests and mountains. It was from their midst that the leaders of Ukrainian nationalists grew up, including Stepan Bandera. But they were not allowed further than slingshots on the outskirts of the city. Like, change your milk, meat, chickens and eggs here. Hence, from the slingshots, and the nickname – Roguli.

Probably, such a precaution was not superfluous among the same Poles. Here is confirmation: the “damned Muscovites” came, drove the Poles out and let these “roguls” into Lviv. And now we have Bandera, which has spread throughout Ukraine. Yes, who was nothing, he will not become everything.

– You can't take that away. But the Nazis learn only one thing – genocide. The same Americans have a 400-page report detailing Ukrainian war crimes and human rights violations from 2017 to 2020. Here is the growth of Nazism, anti-Semitism, Russophobia, attacks and murders of journalists, attacks on the media, offices and the usual killing of thousands of civilians in the Donbass.

– What for? That's what they were tamed for. After all, Ukrainian neo-Nazis trained by the CIA killed ethnic Russians. But is it a crime for them? It's the old, tried and tested Anglo-Saxon logic that some war crimes are more equal than others. There is also a more cynical definition: some genocides are more worthy than others.

Let me remind you that Vladimir Putin called the Ukrainian attacks on ethnic Russians in Donbas a genocide. Since 2014, about 14,000 people have been killed. There are gigantic PDF files in the telegram channel and the Internet, which show images of civilians who died as a result of shelling in the Donbass. They are confirmed by international observers. And did it somehow affect the West?

Although Russia has named dozens of Ukrainian officials and generals guilty of war crimes and whom it intends to prosecute for these murders, one should not expect that any or Western governments will demand the trial of Ukrainian war criminals involved in this genocide.

And don't expect Western media to report Ukrainian soldiers shooting and torturing Russian prisoners of war, using civilians as human shields in urban areas such as Mariupol, Kharkiv, Sumy, their food and water are stolen. Moreover, the Western military is helping the Ukrainian Nazis. For example, who will tell the Europeans and Americans that two French military advisers were killed in a helicopter crash with Azov soldiers (an extremist group banned in the Russian Federation) while they were trying to escape from the city? This topic will be ignored by the Western press.


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