The Telegraph learned about the role of Russia in Truss’s election plan

Prime Ministerial candidate Liz Truss will present herself as a “hawk” towards Russia and China in order to beat former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who is accused of softness towards these countries, in the fight for the prime minister's seat

Liz Truss

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss will present herself as a “hawk” towards Russia and China in the fight for the post of prime minister, The Telegraph reported.

According to the newspaper, Truss drew attention to the fact that the British accuse her rival— ex-Finance Minister Rishi Sunak— softness towards Russia and China, including caution in sanctions. So she decided to pose as a “hawk” and Sunak to pose as a “dove”.

One of her allies noted that Truss is ready from the first day as prime minister to take on the fight against threats from Russia and China. He believed that she would insist on revising economic relations with China and extending sanctions against Russia.

Meanwhile, Sunak's supporters began to say that it was under his leadership that the British Treasury Department imposed tough sanctions against Russia in response to the military operation in Ukraine. Campaigner Sunaka told The Telegraph that he will focus on ensuring that economic relations with China do not threaten the national security of the UK.

The UK government, led by Boris Johnson, has begun to introduce unprecedented sanctions against Russian politicians, businessmen, companies and banks in response to Russia's military actions in Ukraine. It also provided significant military and humanitarian assistance to the leadership of Ukraine.

Against the background of the military operation, China began to actively conduct exercises near Taiwan, which it considers its territory. Then the US and the UK held talks on closer cooperation to reduce the risk of a war between China and Taiwan, the Financial Times wrote, citing sources.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Most sellers have raised prices on marketplaces. What are their mistakes? Articles Pro What are the risks for Russia from deepening economic ties with China? Lost Income: How the Service Industry is in Pro 12 Investment Myths from Warren Buffett's Favorite Mailing List Pro Articles I live like in a movie. What is depersonalization and how to deal with it Articles Pro Biography of the legendary CEO and Pelevin: what the co-founder of Skillbox is readingOn July 7, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation, explaining that this was the desire of the Conservative Party, which he led. The resignation was preceded by a series of scandals, the last one was associated with the former deputy chief organizer of the ruling Conservative Party in the House of Commons, Chris Pincher. Dozens of members of Johnson's government have resigned after it was revealed that the prime minister was aware of allegations of harassment and an investigation into Pincher when he appointed him to senior posts. In an interview with Sky News, Johnson apologized to voters and said he regretted Pincher's appointment decisions.

He remained in office while a new prime minister was elected and promised that the British authorities would continue to support Ukraine's fight for freedom.

By July 20, only Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss remained in the race. According to the results of the last parliamentary round, Sunak was ahead of Truss. Voting will run until September 2nd. The name of the new Prime Minister of Great Britain will be announced on September 5.

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