The trade representative said that Finland has limited the purchase of land for the Russians

Russian trade representative Loginov: Finland has limited the purchase of land by Russians The country has tightened the rule in force since 2020 that when buying land, everyone who does not have EU citizenship must obtain a license from the Ministry of Defense. Now this rule has been supplemented: the department can find out the origin of the funds The trade representative said that Finland has limited the purchase of land for Russians” />

The Finnish authorities have tightened restrictions on the purchase of land, including for Russians, RIA Novosti reported. trade representative of Russia in the country Anton Loginov.

“Under the guise of the need to ensure national security, the Finnish authorities impose additional restrictions on the acquisition of land,” — said the trade representative.

According to Loginov, from 2020 for the acquisition of land by those who have EU citizenship and companies where 10% or more is owned by persons from non-EU countries , must obtain a license from the Ministry of Defense. This year, this procedure has been changed. In particular, the Ministry of Defense received the right to determine the origin of the funds for which the site was purchased, the trade representative explained.

At the end of June, the Finnish publication Ilta Sanomat reported that a Russian buyer intended to purchase an empty property near Rovaniemi Airport in Lapland. But since the sale of real estate and land in the immediate vicinity of airports is considered potentially fraught with strategic military risks, the Finnish Ministry of Defense blocked this deal, the newspaper noted.

In May, the EU planned, within the framework of the sixth package of sanctions, to suspend all transactions of Russians and Russian companies with real estate in the territory of its member countries, wrote Bloomberg. This proposal was put forward by the European Commission. However, the European Union later excluded this ban from the latest version of the sanctions package —Cyprus objected to such a measure, the agency pointed out.

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