Tolstoy proposed to rid Russia of anglicisms

According to the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, the country needs to create a single language space, abandoning “stupid borrowings and anglicisms” and translating all signs into Russian

space. He wrote about this in Telegram.

So he reacted to the publication of the head of the New People faction, the founder of Faberlic Alexei Nechaev

in Telegram. Nechaev criticized the deputies' proposal to ban signs in foreign languages.

“In order for production to be domestic, and not offshore, for children to grow up as patriots of their country and receive a decent education, and, finally, for all citizens of the country without exception to feel at home, in their homeland, we need to create a single language space” ,— considers the deputy (the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved).

To do this, it is necessary to abandon “stupid borrowings and anglicisms.” Officials, he pointed out, use borrowed words, “masking the absence of meaningful thoughts,” and the youth “already do not know Russian synonyms”; Russian speech has long been replaced by warped English.

In his opinion, signboards in countries should be in Russian. For tourists and “those who feel like a tourist in Russia” Tolstoy suggested placing the translation in small print. “It is important to do this right now: Russia must rediscover itself and rely on its language, its culture and its people. The cargo cult is over, — convinced vice speaker. For those who cannot immediately replace the sign, he promised to provide a “grace period”.

On June 10, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin announced the preparation of a bill to ban the placement of advertising signs in foreign languages . As noted by the head of the Duma Committee on Culture, Elena Yampolskaya, in the center of Moscow, on average, there are 30–50% more signs in English or in Latin characters than in Russian.

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Later, she explained that the trademark should be indicated as it was registered. “If it is registered in Latin, then it must be written in Latin,” — said Yampolskaya. In this case, the rest of the information should be indicated in Russian. If the ban is supported, businesses will face fines for violating it.

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