US plans to install hypersonic weapons on destroyers in 2025

Hypersonic weapons will begin to be supplied to the US Army in fiscal 2023, and in 2025 – to Zumwalt-class destroyers. From 2028, it will begin to appear on submarines

The United States will begin deploying hypersonic weapons to the military in fiscal 2023, then, over the next few years, destroyers and submarines, said US Navy Vice Admiral Johnny Wolfe, who oversees the Navy's strategic systems programs, reports Defense News. p>

“We're going to equip [hypersonic weapons] in the army in FY2023, and the first battery will be deployed there. We are also on track to [put it] on [class destroyers] Zumwalt in 2025. And then we're going to equip [submarines of the] Virginia class with them in 2028 when they get loading containers. We are exploring the possibility of doing it faster '', & mdash; said Wolfe.

Previously, the United States intended to supply hypersonic weapons to Ohio-class submarines by 2025, but this plan failed due to insufficient funding, the vice admiral explained.

In addition In fiscal 2022, the United States has planned two tests of hypersonic missiles.

At the end of September, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) reported on the successful launch of a hypersonic missile. It was launched from an airplane, after a few seconds its ramjet engine started.

A month later, the Pentagon reported three more launches. The US Navy explained that such missile launches “ fill the critical gap between ground tests and full-scale flight tests. '' the launch vehicle was out of order, so the launches had to be postponed.

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