Uzbekistan reports 18 dead during protests in Nukus

During the protests in Nukus, 243 people were injured, including 38 security officials. On the eve of the Uzbek authorities reported stabilization of the situation. This happened after the President's decision to maintain the status of sovereignty of Karakalpakstan Uzbekistan reported 18 dead during the protests in Nukus” />

During the protests in Nukus, 18 people were killed, Sputnik Uzbekistan reported with reference to the National Guard.

Another 243 people were injured, 94 of them are in hospitals. Among the victims— 38 law enforcement officers.

516 people were detained during the protests.

Nukus— the capital of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, which is part of Uzbekistan. On July 1, mass protests began in it. The reason was the amendments to the Constitution, which would exclude the clause on the right of Karakalpakstan to withdraw from the country after a referendum.


The protesters tried to seize the authorities. The joint statement of the Parliament, the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Karakalpakstan spoke about the attempts of “external forces from abroad” influence the situation in the republic “by purposeful information stuffing and distortion of current events.”

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From July 3, a state of emergency was introduced in Karakalpakstan for a month. On the same day, the authorities reported that the situation in the autonomous region had stabilized. The protests died down after the President of Uzbekistan decided to maintain the status of sovereignty of Karakalpakstan.

Karakalpakstan— the former Kara-Kalpak region, which from 1930 to 1936 was part of the RSFSR. It was transformed into the Karakalpak ASSR and later incorporated into the Uzbek SSR.

In December 1990, the parliament of Karakalpakstan adopted a declaration of state sovereignty. In 1993, parliamentarians signed an agreement on joining Uzbekistan for 20 years with the right to withdraw based on the results of a referendum.

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