When will the exam in social studies take place?

In 2022, the Unified State Examination in science will be held on June 9  This year, the           moved to  the second part, where you need to analyze the drawing and show your theoretical knowledge. They also removed a mini-essay on one of statements (this task was considered one of the most difficult) and task No. 28 (detailed answer according to text). They replaced with tasks No 24 (drawing up a complex plan for a report) and     (writing a rationale for a political, social or economic process with examples).

Task # 1 (writing a missing word in table), task 2 (search for a general concept) and task# 20 (inserting words into text) have been removed. Task # 22 (explanation of the term from text) and task No 26 (giving examples on a given topic) were also excluded.

Task # 10 with a schedule of supply and demand, in which it was necessary to choose an answer, has now become task No. 21, requiring a detailed answer. The USE also added a new task No. 23, in which you need to describe the provisions of the Constitution and the legislation of the Russian Federation.

In total, there are 25 buildings in the USE in social science (was 29).


What is the minimum number of USE points?

In 2022, the minimum number of USE points for admission — 45.

How long is the exam?

Time for the exam — 180 minutes.

Where and when can I find out the results of the USE?

Participants of the USE in 2022 will be able to view their results on the Unified Portal of Public Services. To do this, go to "Documents" section, subsection "Education". Also, the service of acquaintance with the results of the exam on the website of Rosobrnadzor — checkege.rustest.ru.

The USE result will be available on June 23 





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