YouTube blocked the channel of pranksters Vovan and Lexus

In recent days, videos have appeared on the pranksters' channel with the British Minister of Defense Ben Wallace, who, assuming that he is communicating with the Prime Minister of Ukraine, revealed a number of important details

YouTube blocked the channel of pranksters Vovan and Lexus (real names— Vladimir Kuznetsov and Alexey Stolyarov). The administration of the service believes that the channel violates the rules of the community.

“This account has been suspended for violating the YouTube Community Guidelines,” — the message says on the blocked channel.

On the pranker channel in recent days, videos have appeared with British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, as well as British Home Secretary Priti Patel. Both conversations were conducted by the pranksters on behalf of the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal.

During the conversation, Wallace revealed a number of important details. In particular, the pranksters were interested in London's position on Ukraine's entry into NATO. The head of the Ministry of Defense stressed that London is interested in joining Kyiv to the military-political bloc.

"Shmygal" also said that Ukraine expects to continue its nuclear program in order to protect itself from Moscow. Wallace felt that Moscow would not like this option very much, but did not oppose it either: “The principle is that we will support Ukraine in any choice that you make.”

In addition, pranksters, on behalf of Shmygal, stated that NLAW anti-tank guided missiles “often fail” and asked that such weapons not be sent again. In turn, the Minister of Defense replied that everything was in order with the missiles: “I have all the information about these ATGMs. We have sent you over 4,000 pieces. More to come.”

On March 17, Wallace reported on a conversation with an “impostor who posed as the Ukrainian prime minister.” “He asked some misleading questions, and after I got suspicious, I ended the call,” — the minister said.

The same day, British Home Secretary Priti Patel said she had received a similar call earlier in the week. “The same thing happened to me this week. A pathetic attempt to divide us in such difficult times. We support Ukraine»,— she wrote on Twitter.

Neither Wallace nor Patel disclosed the details of the conversations and did not say for certain who was behind the calls, but hinted that they suspected Russia of this. On March 18, Wallace ordered an internal review in connection with the incident.

On March 23, the UK Ministry of Defense sent a request to YouTube to remove the video of Wallace's conversation with Vovan and Lexus. The statement noted that the videos pose a “significant risk to the national security of the United Kingdom” and also that “the Russian state is responsible for the fake call.”

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