Zakharova announced “denazification in full swing” after the resignation of the head of the SBU

Zakharova announced “denazification in full swing” after the dismissal of the head of the SBU and the prosecutor general p>

“Zelensky dismissed the Prosecutor General and the head of the SBU. Denazification is in full swing 😹»,— she wrote in Telegram.

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed the head of the SBU and the Prosecutor General on the evening of July 17. The head of state dismissed Bakanov under Art. 47 of the Disciplinary Charter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on improper performance of official duties that caused loss of life, other serious consequences or created a threat to the onset of such consequences.

After the publication of the dismissal orders, Zelensky pointed out that the investigating authorities of Ukraine are investigating 651 criminal cases of treason and collaboration activities of prosecutors, pre-trial investigation bodies and other law enforcement agencies. In addition, more than 60 employees of the SBU and the prosecutor's office remained in the territories occupied by Russia and continue to work, the president noted.

He stressed that such a number of crimes against the foundations of the national security of the state and relations between employees of the security forces of Ukraine and Russia raise very serious questions for the leaders.

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Russia launched a military operation in Ukraine on February 24. President Vladimir Putin called its goals “denazification”; and “demilitarization” Ukraine. The Ukrainian authorities denied accusations of supporting the Nazis, introduced martial law and severed diplomatic relations with Russia. Representatives of 141 out of 193 countries in the UN General Assembly condemned the actions of the Russian authorities, demanded a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops.

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December 24, 1975

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